When Is the Best Time to Replace My Hip?

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When Is the Best Time to Replace My Hip?

Many people wonder when they should get hip joint replacement surgery. There are several things to consider, including overall health, anxiety, time away from work, family obligations, and, for the majority of people, financial worries. When their knee or hip discomfort stops them from living comfortably, the majority of people conclude the time is appropriate. Pain from arthritis might frequently keep you from performing very easy tasks. Perhaps you are unable to care for your home, your family, or your job. The best time for surgery is something that only you can decide.

The choice to proceed with surgery is not always simple, and it typically requires considerable discussion with the patient, their family, and the surgeon. The patient makes the final decision based on how arthritis-related pain and disability affect quality of life and daily activities. People who opt to have surgery frequently state that their symptoms prevent them from engaging in key activities including walking, climbing stairs, working, sleeping, putting on socks and shoes, and sitting for extended periods of time. When non-operative options have failed and a person’s quality of life is impaired by characteristics like –

  • Pain when at rest
  • Problems falling asleep
  • A limp when moving
  • Difficulty walking, especially with a stick, or bending joints
  • Increasing stiffness and swelling in the joints
  • Difficulty performing daily tasks because of extremely painful joints.
  • Difference in limb length (shortening or lengthening of the affected leg)
  • No alleviation even after taking numerous medicines and engaging in physical activity.
  • Your emotional and mental health may be impacted by persistently sore joints.

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